Ladies, Google is free

One of my wishes, but probably wont come true. Is that TERFs actually learn something. I doubt it, especially after what I saw.

I wont go into too much details, but we really do need to start talking about sex education and bodies in general when we’re younger. I saw a group of “older woman” call a trans person a ‘moron’ because they were talking about period poops. The older women were talking like this trans person was making it up.

Period Poops are a real thing.

As I said above, I wont get into details. These “women” were making complete asses out of themselves.

Then there was “Rob” who was complaining about how the left was “making” him have to like people, like immigrants, like trans people, like Unions. (retweet if you agree…blah, blah, blah). I pointed out that no one is saying he HAS to like anyone. What the left actually want, is for people like Rob, is just too let others live in peace. Especially those who have no affect on your life whatsoever.

I feel under no obligation to like people like Rob.

2 thoughts on “Ladies, Google is free

  1. I see a doctor who specializes in transgender care, and he recently told me that about 25% of his patients who seek gender-affirming care are later diagnosed as being born intersex.

    And while we are on the topic, everyone assumes that I am transgender, when in reality I have XX chromosomes, a natural female body, and genitalia that looks male. I also get my period monthly, and get the usual PMS symptoms and blood in my urine.

    Just my own experience on the matter. ♥️

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