WordPress – Writing Prompt

Tell us one thing you hope people will never say about you.

Okay, WordPress, I’ll give you this. That is a good writing prompt.

The only thing is, that has already happened. Hence, why I’m not friends with them anymore, hence why I stopped talking to my Dad. For some reason, over the last few years a lot of people have decided to lie to me, about who I am, or the things that I’ve done, too my face.

Okay so while I was writing this, I went on Twitter for a bit and I saw the below. I have reported them to who I think maybe appropriate, but I just feel sick.


2 thoughts on “WordPress – Writing Prompt

  1. The thing is, children don’t care about things like biological gender. Whether someone has an X or Y chromosome is a moot point. Gender has no bearing on how good of a teacher someone is. I don’t care if someone identifies as a tree, as long as they are putting their students education as top priority, that’s all that matters! I don’t understand!! The older I get, the less I like people (collectively). Whomever posted that could learn from the children they are so-called concerned over. Ugh!!!

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