I found this really most informative page, that actually explains all the different types of genders out there.

68 Terms That Describe Gender Identity and Expression

There’s this “thing” that transphobes say that there’s only two sexes, and two genders. Neither are true. Any time you try to bring up Intersex people, they will say “Intersex people want to be left out of it” This is because there was an intersex person on Twitter, who was transphobic. Other intersex people are generally fine, because they are not transphobic.

Lets be honest, if we’re going to get things right, we have to include us all. It’s not “Scientific” to leave a group out, because it makes it inconvenient for others. It makes me infuriated that transphobic people use intersex people and that one person does not dictate the rest. Transphobes need too let it go, other people exist.

Other people exist, outside our worlds.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! Although my doctors all consider me a cisgender female, I am also intersex (and lesbian). Your acceptance and support of the LBGTQI community is absolutely amazing and inspiring! If you’re ever in Vermont, USA, I would love to get tea/coffee with you. 🙂

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