Thursday Theories – You’re not better

One thing I cannot stand amongst all things transphobic, is the unrelenting annoyance that transphobe thinks parents know their children “best”, and parents never harm their children.

It is totally and utter shyte.

Every single document you can find on child abuse clearly states that child are mostly likely to be abused by someone they know, at the forefront, the parents. So when you see a “parent” at one of those parent/school board “meetings”, ban all the books. Where they’re talking about what their children want, there’s a really good chance that child is currently being abused.

Seeing a lot transphobic birth givers take serious glee when they find out their trans child is suffering is some way. I have seen people treat their enemies with more kindness, I have seen parents of murdered children show more kindness and forgiveness to their child’s murderer. Birth givers think they’re better than their own child.

They do, they really do.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Theories – You’re not better

  1. Let me say that I completely and totally agree 100% with this post. I was abused by my parents. Because I was born intersex, and my father wanted a son, my parents gave me a boy’s name, against the advice of the doctors.

    By age 6, I was already identifying as a girl, but because my dad had told everyone he had a son, I was forced to play that role by my parents. Regardless of the repeated medical testing that revealed that I was genetically female, I suffered through a lot of abuse and neglect. By age 16, I experienced abandonment for the first time. I became the embarrassment and enemy of my family simply because I was born different.

    When I see transgender people going through the same struggles I faced in my own life, it makes me sad. There is absolutely NO REASON to put people through this torment simply because you need someone to hate. Anti-LBGTQ parenting is blatant child abuse.

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