Thursday Theories – Just thoughts

I’ve just had some thought over this past week.

That’s why I’m posting two ‘Thursday Theories’ this week. These are just literally thoughts I’ve had, no deep and meaningful here.

cis men be like re #sanitarypads “What do I get” You DON’T get blood running between your legs every month and you DON’T have a risk of getting pregnant, with your #rapist baby. When cis men vote for rapists knowing their babies. #Shutup and be grateful for what you DON’T have.

Wonder when #StephenFry did that interview. Was it when she did her anti-trans manifesto? When her #words were used to create anti-trans #Laws? Or was it when she tried to publicly humiliate and harass a #female world leader, because she doesn’t “understand” what the #GRA is?

I can’t quit twitter, not while so many lives are literally at risk.


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