I have become my Uncle, haha

Especially after my Mum saw what I wrote on my Insta.

I will destroy anything Rowling related.

See, after the whole Colorado shooting on a gay club over the weekend. Rowling decided to like a tweet from the twitter account “Libs of TikTok”

Who are Libs of TikTok one may ask? Liking a post by the infamous Libs of TikTok, aka anti-LGBTQ+ “Stochastic terrorist” Chaya Raichik, who many blame for helping to incite the Colorado mass shooting, where now it’s been confirmed that two trans people have been murdered. She liked a post celebrating Kanye West coming back to Twitter. JK Rowling liking Libs of Tik Tok a day after she targeted the only trans legislator in Colorado and drag shows in Colorado in the immediate aftermath of the Club Q shooting is…insert word here

My Uncle (who is like really really…really Christian) came in one day and ruined my Mums vinyl collections, years ago.


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