Are they not tired yet?

In 24 hours, Musk like Trump, Kanye and self-described misogynists back on Twitter. I don’t have a problem with Trump on, I just blocked him and all the other ones too.

I have a problem with Musk.

It’s like even though he let Trump back on, Trump hasn’t made a tweet yet. Because Trump has his own social media, which his supporters seem to have forgotten about. And after another mass shooting day in America, against a gay club who were supporting trans people on TDOR. Musk decided to tweet all day “Brokeback mountains” for Donald Trump type memes.

What has happened today, is proof that countries need to start making Federal/National Laws for social media companies who encourage hate and terrorism against other people. LibsofTikTok, LGB Alliance, Fair Cop. What’s the difference between these accounts and Jan 6th types? There is none.


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