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I was deeply depressingly disturbed to see over the pass weekend, how, for such a sports focused country. How we don’t really back our sports players.

Over the weekend billionaire and generally terrible human being. Gina Rinehart pulled out of her $15 million funding for Women’s Netball. The cause? Gina Rinehart wanted the Diamond Netballers to put her logo on their tops. Gina Rinehart is a terrible person, and she refused to acknowledge that her equally terrible father was a wannabe genocidal manic. So, she pulled the funding. One of the players on that Diamond Netballers is indigenious.

Gina Rineharts company is also an oiling company, and her company has also damaged indigenous land.

I was so disappointed to see so many Australians, being gleeful that she had done so. Calling the netballers “selfish” and “undeserving”. They really want the netballers to fail…but we are totally not a racist country, who cares about more about money. Just like what Jesus stood for.

When I started to look into more, I came across the article before. I knew how badly Peter Norman had been treated, even though he did the right thing and ASKED the other two black sprinters what he could do. Peter Norman was treated better by Americans, then his own home country.

The Australian sprinter whose career was killed by the ‘Black Power’ podium protest

As this has gone on, more has come out.

Apparently the only indigenous player on the team, and only the third indigenous player in 30 years, didn’t want to wear the logo. She had no problem with the rest of the team wearing it, but she didn’t want too.


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