Saying it again

I got into an interesting “argument” with a Rabbi yesterday.

He was pretty much just lying about trans people, in the “name” of women’s safety. I don’t like that. Now I did learn something new, when I called him a typical white Religious male. I did not genuinely know that Jewish people can be seen as an ethnicity.

Did you all know that?lol.

I did not. I was horrified, so I did apoligise. What I did though was totally turned it around on him. With saying to him, that if I apoligise, would he apoligise for lying about human beings? I got blocked, lol. So my initial point of Religious people are not always kind, still stands.

After everything had calmed down. It struck me as a really terrible thing, that a Rabbi would LIE about another group of human beings. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike trans people, or indeed any group. But when you LIE, when your own people have REALLY felt that ramification of people lies That hit me as terrifying. He should not be a Rabbi.

You can block me as much as you want, GOD, still sees you.



6 thoughts on “Saying it again

    1. I feel so stupid, like I’m the only one who didn’t know that, lol
      Well he was saying things like cis women don’t physically attack other women. That trans women (specifically) harm cis women more than cis women. And the usual trans women aren’t women stuff, lol

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  1. My father was Jewish, as was every member of my fathers’ side of my family. They had very strange beliefs about transgender people, and would often say once a male, always a male. My family was okay with LBGTQ people, so long as they were not related to their family.

    I was assigned hermaphrodite at birth and identified as female just prior to age 6. My father believed that he could make me a male, and sent me to a 2-week religious camp, then forced me to take testosterone, and finally, he petitioned the courts to change my birth certificate from intersex to male in order to send me to an all-boys boarding school.

    When I came out as a lesbian at 16, my father ultimately kicked me out of the house, and I lived in my car in the woods for awhile. I will never fully understand how someone can allow their religion to dictate their thinking, or justify their immoral actions.

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