I write about “Sometimes” a lot, just some things that I wish people would be “smarter” about.

Watching #IstandwithGrahamNorton was such a sad hashtag. Graham Norton said probably the least controversial thing. That to understands trans people, speak with them and not cis celebrities. For this he was accused by Rowling for endorsing rape and death threats. As well as Graham Norton being run off Twitter.

Uncle Jack, was given a state funeral yesterday. Too be honest with you all, I was more upset about him than the Queen. I just happened to find out that he got a state funeral through a news article on my computer. The comments on there broke my heart and made me feel ashamed to be Australian. Uncle Jack was an aboriginal child taken when he was a child, aka the Stolen Generation, and you know what? He got into trouble. But he was not as one person suggested, the same as Ivan Milat. Australia’s most prolific serial killer. I don’t know which comment was dumber. All these dumb asses, complaining, because he’d been in jail. As I pointed out in one comment, and the only comment I made on there. This man was taken from his family as a child, of course he screwed up a little, but at LEAST he isn’t whining about a man’s funeral! There skin is SO thin that their whiny about a man’s funeral.

And if I hear “in my opinion”…one more time…

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