Common Sense…Coming back?

I saw all these news article at different times, and was going to write them individually. However, I decided to do it, in one post. Lets face it, I am preaching to the converted. It was so lovely to read these articles. I’m going to write a little about each one though.

A psychiatry researcher who taught his students depression was caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain says everything he thought he knew about SSRIs is wrong (

This was so interesting to read, I was ready that the majority of it would be all anti-anxiety/depression is bad. It’s all bad. It’s not. It’s a really well thought out written article. The researcher just wrote about how they didn’t really work for him. Coming off of them helped him feel better, and he wrote more about to look outside the western medication. Which is fine with me. He did say, that they do work for some people, just not for him.

Jon Stewart Nails Arkansas AG On Ban Of Gender-Affirming Care For Trans Youth (

Jon Stewart tackles transgender rights on the season premiere of “The Problem with Jon Stewart” – LGBTQ Nation

Do I need to say that much about the two article above.

The Next ‘Karen’ Who Makes a Racist 911 Call Might Get Arrested (

I was so happy to hear this. I have no idea how that was not a crime? Surely that would be wasting police time? Is it just an American thing? Did the police just not care? Something needed to happen and change in that situation.

2 thoughts on “Common Sense…Coming back?

  1. The last time I was in New York CIty, I had some TERF woman throw a temper tantrum and then call the police because I used the woman’s restroom. I know I don’t necessarily embody the narrow definition of a woman, and neither do most of my lesbian friends. However, my original birth certificate said female, as do all of my official records. I have lived literally my entire life as a female, and up until recently, I have never had any issue. I don’t understand why people subscribe to such scrutiny over women who don’t embody the ridiculous standards of others. I fear that during my lifetime, we will see separate restrooms specifically for LBGTQ people, like me, which is nothing more than a gender-specific form of segregation.

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