Well, duh, lol

Social media has done ‘extraordinary damage’ to democracy, public health, safety: Expert

They do actually have a transcript of the conversation. Reading through, I got slightly annoyed

Negative news, triggers fight or flight, so it makes people pay attention to it. Whereas good news, doesn’t have that kind of affect.

The third problem is one of incentives. And this is the one that’s killing us because there is no reason from an economic perspective why these companies should look out for the safety of their users, much less protecting the country’s national interest. Right now the incentives are for them to make as much money as they can as quickly as they can and not worry about the consequences. And until that changes, I don’t think there’s a chance we’re going to do anything good about this.

Roger McNamee

I would highly recommend reading this, or watching the video. Even though you all know what’s going on in the Universe. It is sometimes nice just to hear someone with clear intelligence, say it.


6 thoughts on “Well, duh, lol

  1. This year (2022), I deleted ALL of my social media accounts. I simply had far too much negativity, people sending me things that Snopes.com had debunked months prior, and the morons who followed me for nothing more than to disagree with anything I posted. While some might assume that I vanished, in many ways, my life is better this way. I finally have time to focus on things that really matter, such as my wife, my retirement, and my best friend whom I met during my time in the fire department.

    By the way, here is my wife’s blog: http://ThePhoenixDesertsong.com

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