Changing my mind

I was going to write about how out of all the activists, that climate change ones are often the oddest. I don’t mean Greta Thunberg, I adore her. I mean the ones that are, odd, lol…I’ll write about it later.

So, I signed out of my emails and I saw this.

2nd grader kicked out of Christian school after parents refused to photograph her in the bathtub

For those who don’t want to read the article, or want to avoid the comments. I’ve written below what the article is about.

I don’t even know where to being with this.

This school is in Florida, where De Santis is Governor. The Governor with the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill. So while, the Governor and parents are attacking LGBTQIA kids, youth and supportive parents. They are literally trying to stop gay and trans people existing, altogether. This school is just doing this “homework assignment”. And all the Christians are defending it…

The article is about a school sending out a homework assignment of children, taking a photo of themselves, doing homework…in a bath…

Only one parent saw a problem with this, and their child was “administrational removed”. We are assuming they did mean the child cover ups, but still the schools response was really dodgy. They finally got rid of the assignment all together, but only AFTER it started to come out what happened. My readers, this only just happened in 2022.

After the last few years having people in the Religious communities attack the gay community, trans and women, and after all the Churches abuse History. No one thought there was anything wrong with this?

PEOPLE, WE’RE IN 2022!!! 2022 people!!!


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