Self Righteous? Me? Never!

Someone called me this the other day, and I didn’t mean too, but I laughed, lol

I am not self righteous, I am just right all the time, lol…I can’t help it, lol

It’s good to have a good ego, right? *looks worried* lol

It’s so easy to be to be right these days, mainly because a lot of people either a)are the right, or b)people react with emotions rather than thinking what they’re saying/writing. I tend too do my “rants” on here, or on my personal social media’s pages. You can just write more on here to begin with. On social media platforms, you can only write a little bit, so it’s hard to have conversations.

It’s not about being right anyway, it’s about what’s sensible. Like, if you are not a vet and you take a guess at what your pet’s seizure was about, that’s not okay, lol. I can empathize with, that seeing your pet have a fit is scary, Travie had a couple of them. We didn’t take a guess though, and then when a vet doesn’t rule it out, but they don’t rule out other things either. I just happen to care about the animal getting the right treatments, more than your ego and feelings about the matter.

You can have empathy, but you can still point out where a person is going wrong.

I was going to write a post about how I would consider myself “new age” with a lot of stuff. But also I wanted to whine about how others who call themselves “new age” actually do a lot of damage. Especially when it comes to animals. No “Judy”, acupuncture doesn’t work on all animals.

He was a cutie ❤


3 thoughts on “Self Righteous? Me? Never!

  1. People take things to extremes. I get told these same things when all I’m trying to do is point out the truth. I’m all for taking a person’s feelings into consideration, especially when something might be hard to hear, but I’m not going to spare their feelings with a lie, and if that upsets them, they need to take a harder look at themselves. It’s not our fault if the truth is painful. I hesitate using the phrase “easily offended,” because people are entitled to their feelings, but when it comes to topics that are essential to a living person, animal, or the planets well-being, I guess I’m just gonna have to step on some toes. Haha! I like that you are unapologetically you, Lauren. If people can’t see that you’re a kind person, it says a lot more about their character than it does yours.

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