When you read a good article

I love it when you come by a good article, and you can see yourself so much in it.

“White Psychodrama” and the culture wars: A self-reinforcing cycle, going nowhere

Émile P. Torres – 20h ago

Firstly, I don’t buy into the “culture wars”, I get it gets people to read an article. I hate it when it’s written like that though. There is no “culture war”, it’s just right vs wrong. There is no “culture” in banning books, banning human beings from being them, banning abortions. That’s not a “culture” that’s just wrong.

I’m just going to post a couple of post quotes from the article. It’s quiet a long article, and it was quiet funny. They allowed comments on there, and all the usual “suspects” aka supressors were saying how bad it was. I started to laugh because I know they had feel “seen” in the article, IF they had read it at all. I don’t agree with some of the article, but most of it.

(1) First, you have the Repenters, who “see the group they identify with as having committed horrible crimes globally and domestically, and they are ever so aware of the ways in which present material conditions generate continued deprivation for black people alongside relative comfort for many white people.” As such, Repenters are wracked by “an overwhelming sense of guilt,” a hard-to-shake feeling that one is blameworthy for having benefited from historical injustices, and for continuing to benefit from the racist systems currently in place.

(2) Next, you have the Repressers. This group is keen on downplaying the importance of race in America. They advocate for a “colorblind” approach to understanding inequality, and are quick to dismiss those who single out skin pigmentation as “playing the race card.” Repressers worry that people are “too easily offended” over “mere” peccadillos like wearing Blackface at Halloween, and suggest that those who whine about such infractions fail to appreciate just how far America has come from the bad old days of slavery and Jim Crow.

(3) The defining difference between these two groups is how they react to this problem. As alluded to above, Repenters react by feeling guilty and trying to assuage this feeling through attitudinal shifts and everyday acts. In contrast, Repressers react by trying to avoid the question of race altogether by suppressing talk of racial differences, which they disparage as “identity politics.”

(4) re Repenters and Repressers willing to do this? No, which is precisely why the Non-Aligned person does not engage in their bickering but, instead, uses what resources they have to investigate alternative solutions focused on reshaping global systems themselves, rather than on tweaking particular components of the system currently in place 

It is a really long article. So I suggest that you do read it.

What I got from the article though, is that we need to change our minds way of thinking and become a more non-aligned movement. The article brought up a few interesting points, like how the Black Panthers wanted to make the police are more community based force. So not “defunding” the police, and not letting them be ruled by one leader, like a Mayor or a political candidate. Instead though, to be watched over by the community. Which I find a really fantastic idea! After they’re all, the police are supposed to protect US. Not serve, who ever meets their political alliance.

I will also say this article, is based off of American life.

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