Magic Monday

So it’s been a week, since I’ve been pro-actively taking out US news. Every now and then something comes up where you just cannot ignore it. But during the week, as I wrote last week, even after a few days my mindset changed a lot.

I probably spent most of the week, other than working. Just starting to organise stuff, like really clean. Since, my partner and I don’t have children, at the moment. Sometimes I let the cleaning slack off. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen get cleaned a lot. Cause ewww, if I didn’t. But even saying that, I don’t always clean the bathroom cupboard surface.

So when I say organise, I did things like transfer the Christmas stuff into a bigger box. I tend to keep buying things for Christmas, lol. I’ve got things to help me organise the bathrooms better. Chucking out cardboard boxes that aren’t needed. Keeping a couple though, because they will more than likely be needed for Christmas. I am also looking into bathroom organisers and those little hand held vacuum cleaners.

I did a lot of gardening too, it needs to be done. One week I had a hurt leg and the weeds just popped up everywhere. We might have to get a gardener in, cause I can’t handle it with my leg.


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