What a disgrace!

I could not watch any of the Queens Funeral, with Australian “journalists” I just could not do it. I was so pissed off.

At least 3 of our “journalists”, they do breakfast shows. At least 3 were only a couple of weeks ago, calling Meghan a tosser. One in particular, Karl Stefanovic has been attacking Meghan and Harry for YEARS. And, YET, they had the audacity to say how rude it was. That how people who are staunch “want Australia to be a Republic” are “rude” because the Queen wasn’t even buried yet.

Oh, shut up! Karl Stefanovic went on, what used to be a respectable news program in Australia “60 minutes”. Too do a big ‘expose’ on Meghan Markle, his “lead” quest speaker…M/Fraking Katie Hopkins! For those who don’t know Katie Hopkins is, she’s a big racist in the UK. Getting banned on Twitter several times, I don’t think she’s on there still. I doubt that Harry or Meghan even know who she is, let alone know them well enough to be A LEAD guest speaker!

And he’s been bashing Harry and Meghan ever since!

This is who Channel 9, thought would be a good idea to send over? What the fuck! I can’t describe my disgust at Channel 9 enough! And the he talks about the Australians who want a Republican, as rude! Some one PLEASE slap him!

I only wrote about him, I think last week? He was the one whining about “wokism” after a mother was told to remove a basketball hoop from a nature strip, next to the road.

I even wrote a complaint, I was so disgusted.

*Next Day* He freaking embarrassed himself three times. At first I heard an Australian “journalist” was slammed for tasteless comments. In my head I’m thinking “Don’t let it be him, or I am going to be pissed”…It was…

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