And I’m out…For now…

I cant do it anymore folks. Watching what’s happening in America, it’s too much.

I am of the thought that until we know what’s definitely happening with Trump, I don’t want to read anymore news about it. I will always fight against Trump and Trump Supporters. I just can’t read the news about it anymore.

It wont be that hard to fight against Trump Supporters anyway, they don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time anyway, lol. I’m tired of Republican’s, I am tired of Texas especially, I am tired of the Supreme Court “Judges”. They’re nuts. America will absolutely be doomed, if they’re allowed to continue.

I had to take the decision after, reading one article about a Librarian taking away all the YA books. I was annoyed at the Librarian, but then the next article I read was about this Texan YouTuber saying he was going to kill ANY teacher. Who would dare talk their child about LGBT matters. Suddenly I got why the Librarian was probably taking down the books. They clearly have no problem with violence. That is terrifying!

Then I listened to a podcast with an Australian Comedian, Toom Gleeson. He was talking about how he went over to bring entertainment to the troops, serving. He said that for the “Land of the Free”, when he went to entertain the American Troops. There was a long list of things he couldn’t joke about. All the others, the Australians, the British ect, he could joke about whatever. But America, was a no no.

You cannot be in a world and not able to laugh at yourself. You cannot heal, if you cannot accept what’s wrong.

I’m not sure how long my brain could go on, seeing bad news after bad news, after bad news. I have no intention of not speaking up if I encounter a TS or a religious extremist. I’m just not going to go and look for it. I’m going to refresh my feed. I just don’t want too know until something actually happens. I’m going to be honest, Americans Left, don’t seem to be much better. It’s just that they’re more socially “aware”. The whole “I’m not voting unless my favourite gets is” is just utterly ridiculous.

Its just too crazy. I will say though, the lovely people I’ve met here, please seriously consider moving here! I am not even joking! ❤ Come here and see how wonderful the world can be.

Poll Finds Most Americans Agree MAGA Movement Threatens Democracy–Including A Surprising Number Of Republicans

Of course! The problem isn’t the people, it’s the politicians and judges, and the media, who have nothing to do with the people! The people voted Biden in, didn’t they! 80% of Americans support abortions as well. It’s not the people with the problem. It’s the very loud, Right wing minority. Supported by very anti-social media CEO’S


4 thoughts on “And I’m out…For now…

  1. I’m an American and I am scared. Truly scared.

    And you wouldn’t expect someone like me to admit that they are scared. I spent 22 years in the paid fire service, eventually making the rank of Lieutenant. I have survived fires, natural disasters, and even a hostage situation. And yet, the thing that scares me is the political climate here in the United States.

    LBGTQ rights have been at the forefront of political debates, along side of reproductive rights. The republican party (especially Trump), want to essentially erase LBGTQ people. My wife and I are lesbian, and I was born hermaphrodite. We have both faced extreme discrimination in our lives, especially in terms of healthcare.

    I am biologically reliant on female hormones, and the republican party wants to essentially deny care to transgender and gender diverse people. This means that if for whatever reason, I am denied my hormones, I will essentially die. My doctors have told me that I cannot stop taking my daily dose of hormones for any reason. After all that I have gone through and all that i had to endure, I shouldn’t have to live in constant fear that the possibility that my hormones will be taken away. I’m only 43, and for me, it’s literary a matter of life and death.

    Hormone replacement therapy is not just about birth control or gender affirming care; there are intersex and hermaphrodite people like me who need hormones for survival. Healthcare should not be a guaranteed right reserved simply for cisgender heterosexual people.

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