Earlier in the week

I wrote a post about people, even those who claim “I KNOW”, don’t know how the Monarchy work.

This is kind of a post on from that one. There was one thing that was brought too my attention, and it reminded me, how not just hypocrite people are, but how completely deluded some people just are.

Kate, Catherine is now called Princess of Wales, right? The last person who was called that, was Princess Diana. Camilla, by marrying now King Charles the III, SHOULD have been called Camilla, Princess of Wales, when they married. Since the public, who now claim to just “love” the Royal Family, hated Camilla and Charles so much, they decided against it. But you know the public just LOVE the Royal Family. Diana said such nice things about the Royal Family,

Give me a break.

The millennials are alright ❤ DON’T read the comments!

Meghan Markle embraces fan who wanted her ‘to feel welcome here’


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