I think I know what the problem is

…with America. It became apparent when Queen Elizabeth II died.

American’s keep making Queen Elizabeth II death, about them. Reminder: America is not a Commonwealth Country, and “America” was “discovered” by people trying to escape the Royalty/Religious persecution. That’s the entire of point of America, not to be like the Royal Family.

I remember saying that American’s arrogance is going to be their downfall, and this a big proof of that. There was a page that I was following that complained and whine about the Royal Family all day. Then had the audacity to complain about how the media were covering it, instead of the water in Flint.

I get people trying to repair what was done, that is commendable and I will stand next with people who do so. In Australia, we are starting to see that with the Aboriginal communities.

During QE 2 Reign:

Queen Elizabeth II Is the Monarch of Fifteen Countries. What Does That Mean?

By James McBride

Last updated March 25, 2022 10:00 am (EST)

Americans also have no sense of humour.

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