This week, I have decided to have a more proactive and kinder to my brain mindset this week. Now that I’ve written it down, it will happen.

What I would like to write about today, is the Right Wing Projection. It may be the most annoying thing about bigotry, in general. My mum and talk about that a lot, because we can’t believe that these “grown ups” are that intentionally dumb.

I was inspired to write about this after seeing another, quiet frankly, dumb, article. I don’t want to post it, it’s so dumb. A tv breakfast “news” station person had a whine about how Australia has changed. Over what? A woman was complaining that the council was going to fine her, after she put up a basketball hoop on a nature strip. I’m going to post some pictures of what a nature strip is…Tell me if you can see what the problem might just be, other than the council owns all of that.

Nature strips are either next too, or close to the road.

I’m sitting there thinking to myself why couldn’t she one, put it in her backyard? Or two, why couldn’t she put up over the car port like everyone else. Why does she just HAVE to put it up next to the road? They were complaining about how Australia’s changed, they use to play in the streets all the time. Yeah, and now when someone has an accident on those nature strips, the council has to pay up. Which means YOUR rates go up, and you know that they’d complain about that.

One doofus even said “Councils should stay out of our lives! They should only mow lawns, and tidy public rubbish bins” I’m like “Sorry, mow lawns? Like nature strips?” Councils don’t mow lawns here, maybe in fancy areas. They do however mow and take care of nature strips.


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