I have been writing and ranting a LOT this week. My conclusions are this:

  • Read the article. The only reason I found out that Ndaba Mandela had spoken with Piers Morgan, was because I read an article. All the media had written that Mandela’s grandson criticizes Meghan Markle. NONE of them mentioned it was on Piers Morgan show in the heading.
  • Stop speaking for dead people.
  • If you insist on speaking for dead people, don’t lie about their History. Don’t make up some fantasy so it can make you feel better to attack a living and breathing human being.
  • White people really should wheest more often.
  • If you have a bad leg, don’t walk really fast, just because it’s raining…Not that I know the results of that one,lol

And I may get hate for this. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the Royal Family and it’s colonialism. The day of her death is not a day to make jokes, or say you hope that she died painfully. And if you hate the Royal Family THAT much, what the heck are you doing working and living in England? It’s not like she could have helped the family she was born into, anymore than the people who elders and countries that were colonised. As it is, a lot of countries have taken back their independence. Not all, but quiet a few.


4 thoughts on “Conculsion

    1. They do =/ I don’t even tell people anymore when I argue with people anymore. Because when I do tell, they’re all like “Why bother”. And I’m like, how’s not doing anything working for you?


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