Here comes the sun…oh no, it’s gone again

There are two times of the year, I really dislike. I wouldn’t say hate, but that’s a bit extreme and it’s not like the weather does it on purpose … or does it?

One of those times is when it’s changing from Autumn to Winter. When you have four seasons in a day. The days are not yet horrible, but they loom and that is slightly depressing, because you know the dark weather is coming.

The other time, is now. When it goes from Winter to Spring. Honestly the biggest thing is, that I don’t like never knowing what to actually wear. Take Wednesday, it was beautiful! First warmish day in a few months. Had to work, but still, gorgeous. Luckily, where I work we’ve got big windows and I got to see the birds play too. Then Thursday was all grey, and while not drowning with rain. Had little specks, here and there.

I bring at least three jacket type tops. One is a light rain jacket, it’s pretty hand really. Hood is huge though, it covers my face. The other two one is a light cardigan, and the other is a smart cardigan, that’s a little than the rest. They’re all nice, but on Wednesday, I didn’t need any of them. Then Thursday, I needed all of them.

Wednesday was 20 c, which is 68 F. Thursday was 14 c, which is 57.2 f.


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