Trump Thoughts

I don’t think Trump has any thoughts to be honest, haha.

Trump didn’t earn his money, it was inherited. I don’t think he does think, at all. I think he just kind of bumbles around and does things. He could have written the “Art of the Deal book” in one sentence. Sign everything, declare bankruptcy on everything.

Which is entirely irritating. And it would be funny, if he and his “supporters” weren’t so intent on destroying the world.

Let’s see what else is interesting in the world today:

Giant shark-shaped blob spotted on researchers’ underwater scanners

As an Australian, this is just odd…Do they really do this in America? Can you sue over Homecoming?

Teenager accused of rigging Homecoming Queen votes plans to sue school

My mum and I were laughing, because were trying to talk about some good US politicians. Whose names we just cannot pronounce. We had had won, but there are some good ones. Who are going out into the communities. We saw as one of them talked to some MAGA folk and he changed their minds.


2 thoughts on “Trump Thoughts

  1. In the United States, people sue over everything. It happens all the time, and it’s insane. Recently people have sued because they find something offensive, that for anyone else would seem innocuous and trivial. Take the red holiday cups at Starbucks for example. Someone found the color red offensive and tried to sue Starbucks over it. đŸ™„

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