Oh my god, shut up white people

Seriously. I don’t care what white people think of Meghan Markle. I just do not. Also, yes. Princess Diana, was a HUGE fan of the royal family, was quiet and submissive. She would not have liked how Meghan Markle “made” Prince Harry take control of his life, live his own life, called out the Firm who control the Royal Family.

That’s total sarcasm, by the way lol

Also Ndaba Mandela having a problem with Markle, BUT APPEARING ON PIERS MORGAN! Who do you *think* Nelson Mandela would have MORE of a problem with???? Like, damn! When I actually listen to POC who do not go on shows like Piers Morgan, or in fact, if you listen to anyone who does not go onto Piers Morgan. You cut through the bad REALLY quickly.

But, oh my god I am so sick of hearing about us, lol. I would say like 95% of really bad and thoughtless “opinions” are coming, you guessed it … White people. Most of the time when it’s a POC it’s a Trump support, or they go on Piers Morgan. The ONLY people who know the Royal Family, are, in fact, the Royal Family. You do not, as white people, know what’s it’s like to live in the RF, let alone as a POC, raised in America.


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