Common sense, coming back?

I know this might be a little presumptuous of me. But is common sense coming back, even if little bits and drabs?

Two good things happen the other, the other was too late to write about by the time it happened, the post had already gone out. The second thing that ended my day well the other day was. A group sued our, Australia’s, Federal Government and all the State Government, except for South Australia, interesting enough.

The group was suing because they were saying that the COVID vaccines, the masks and the lockdowns were “unconstitutional”. Well, they lost, and now they have to cover the Governments, Federal and State legal fees.

It just seems like a little bit is coming back, well at least in Australia. America it seems what state it is and the UK, well hopefully, the Tories will be gone soon. When you take yourself off of “social” media, the world actually seems a little bit sane. Take yourself away from the celebrity tabloid. Yesterday, as an example, it was supposed to be the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. All the entertainment “media” were talking about Meghan. It’s becoming an obsession for them, like Princess Di. I listened to the radio instead. As much as I don’t really like “celebrating” death. It was actually quiet nice.

I don’t remember where I was when she died, which was the question they asked on the radio. Do you remember?


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