You are right Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle is not the Queen

I think it’s the only thing that PM has ever gotten right about anything. The Queen would not have reacted the same way as MM did, as MM and the Queen are two different people. In a lot of different ways. In fact, what PM said about MM, ironically, has a lot to do with why people dislike the Royal Family.

A lot of people see the Royal Family as cold and cruel, and have no feelings. So yes, the Queen probably would react differently to how a new mother, who never grew up in the royal family for literal decades, would react.

I always find it interesting. When someone says something without thinking and thus proving why people feel the way they do.

The QueenMeghan Markle
Born 1925Born 1981
Born in EnglandBorn in America
Literal centuries of English bloodMixed race
Became Queen 1951Even married to Harry, would never be Queen.
Great grandmotherNew Mother
First child in 1948First child in 2019
Raised to become QueenRaised by single mum.

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