Just do it!

I was reading an article that said people were mocking Jessica Simpson for wearing heels on a beach.

Did they look a little odd? Yes…Do I care? Not really, lol. When I looked at the photo itself, it looked like she might actually be posing for something. There’s something written in the sand behind her, also JS has her own shoe/clothing company. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see those soon.

Also, I say, go for it! It would be pretty hard too walk in them, on the sand. But, hey, you only live once. Also I am like really certain she’s advertising them. She seems to be on a hard part in the sand, if you look.

If you want to wear heels in the sand, GO FOR IT! It’s like, what’s the point of keeping the nice china, just in case the Pope or the Queen pop around for tea.

Also Happy Day to Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s birthday,)…Sending you much love ❤ ❤ ❤ You got to live more than once.


9 thoughts on “Just do it!

  1. The main issue is that people have far too much time on their hands to worry about trivial things that celebrities do which are often of no consequence. If someone wants to wear heels on the beach, I don’t care. I simply have better things to do with my time than to worry about what some celebrity does that doesn’t affect anyone else.

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  2. I always tell people who get bent out of shape over such trivial things that I wish my life was as good as theirs. Haha. If the only thing one has to complain about is that Jessica Simpson wore heels on a beach, they’re doing well in life. Haha. Anyway, Live and let live!!

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