Just because…

…I feel nice, does not mean you can hit on me.

I am so tired of the repeated annoyance of being ridiculously good looking, haha.

I am so tired of being positive about myself, or posting a nice picture. And then all the single guys, not girls, just always guys, that I know. Seem to think it’s permission to make a comment, in my DM’s. Sometimes I’ll get random messages from them of a sexual nature, and then the day after there’s always an apology, because they were “drunk”. But you know, it’s not okay.

I am at the point. That I want to say too them “Apologise to my partner, not just me”. It puts me in such an awkward position, because then I have to act like they’ve done nothing wrong. And I am seriously annoyed, but I can’t tell my partner, because he’ll get mad. And what if he thinks that I don’t mind it really, I’d be devastated if he thought that.

I just feel like making a public statement, if you will. Of not saying to anyone specific, but to make a general statement. That if it happens, I will not accept their apologies until they’ve apologised to my partner. I love and adore my partner, we may not be married, but he is my family and he is my … non-hubby husband? Is that a thing, lol

Some may say it’s flattering, I know girls who would LOVE it. I am not one of them, lol. It’s not flattering people, don’t do it. Unless one specifically says it is, or gives permission. Then go for it. I do not find it flattering.

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