Do I really? Like really?

God, I am over the human race, not you all, just the other ones, haha.

I sometimes use Facebook still, one of the big reasons I use it is for the missing pet/animals pages. They are actually really amazingly useful.

And yet, people are still judgmental a-holes on there, thinking they can just say whatever it is that they want.

There’s a cat who went missing, and the cat is not de-sexed, which is too most people a big no-no. However, it came out that the owner is a breeder. Well, of course grown women had made judgements. But it went for over a day, whether these “people” or not, believed that the owner is a breeder or not. It had nothing to do with the missing cat. And no matter how many times I pointed out what they were doing wrong, they didn’t care.

One person literally said, and I quote “We’re just taking a look at all the facts before us”…THE FACTS BEFORE YOU??? This is a missing cats page, unless it is facts about the missing cat. No other information is needed. Like literally. If you HAVE a problem contact the local breeders in the area. Contact the council.

Like…what are you doing?

I know I was taking it a little personally, but holy moley, who does that??!!!

One person started going on about how if the owner was TRULY a breeder, you wouldn’t let such an expensive cat, escape! It’s called life, and shit happens every day. Again, it’s called a missing cats page, because cats go missing. Because I love Maine Coon cats, I have looked into what a breeder would expect from a purchaser of one (there’s a whole contract) They expect to be able to look over your property, to make sure it’s hard for a cat to escape. In these contracts though, you are expected to notify them if your Maine Coon cat goes missing. It happens!

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