Thursday Theories – Twitter payback.

I watched as Rowling joined in with bullying a trans person who has CPTSD, while she tried to destroy Stonewall. I heard her silence as someone she followed wished rape on myself and the women in my family. I was mass reported by transphobes, and the ONLY thing that they could get me up on, was my banner picture of a Minion in a bikini.

So, excuse me when I say that death threats are ALWAYS wrong, but it seems that it’s only not okay when certain people get them. While interacting with people who have given them out. And sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee, I find it pretty funny that Twitter didn’t take it down. Just like Twitter doesn’t take down the rape threats. Just like they didn’t take down Allison Bailey tweets talking about teenage girls bodies (the Lawyer that “sued” Stonewall with Rowlings help) Just like they didn’t take down the bullying tweets of said trans person. Just like they haven’t taken down the transphobic merchandise that Rowling advertised.

So, please transphobes, shut up with the “Free Speech” crap. It’s getting tiresome and really boring, and really is not having any impact on anyone anymore.

Man, I am OVER that “woman”.

I am really over her.

You know, I am going to think about this with less emotion. If the transphobes hadn’t had mass reported me I would have reported that threat. Interesting that it’s still up there. That’s what transphobes normally do.


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