Why must we keep making unnecessary comments?

Over the weekend I saw two comments made by people that made me go “why? Why did you find it necessary to say that”?

One was of a video of a little girl, dancing. She was clearly loving the moves and the music she was making. This ONE person just HAD to say “I would absolutely love this, except for the grimacing. She should be smiling while she’s dancing. It would be better if she smiled”. The kid is about 5 or 6. What a gross thing to say.

I didn’t even notice whether she was smiling or not, because you could tell she was ENJOYING. THAT’S the important part. I let them know “No, she’s fine. She’s clearly feeling the music and isn’t going to fake it, just so YOU would like it”. As a dancer for a lot of my life, smiling is not imperative to dancing. You don’t need to smile to enjoy the music.

Was it really a necessary comment too make? This is a kid, and that was the only negative comment.

The other comment was someone talking about whenever they see places like the United Nation write or talk about Native Americans, they’re always dressed in their traditional clothing. Stop stereotyping them. They would like to see the more in “regular clothing”. Then said it would be like dressing gay people in a certain way, because they’re gay.

Native American people and gay people are two different people. It also says a lot about how this lady stereotypes people, but that is neither is here or there.

Native American clothing/dress ware IS part of their culture. Its not stereotyping them, when they choose to wear what is part of their culture. This person is SERIOUSLY suggesting that Native Americans should we more “normal” clothing. They want to see more of their “faces”…Seriously? You can see their faces.

And then I asked, have you actually asked them?


4 thoughts on “Why

  1. I’ve found that the only thing these people have to offer are their unsolicited opinions, snd that’s a shame because everyone has opinions.

    I don’t understand the need to point out what anyone does, says, wears, etc… as long as it isn’t hurting others. Live and let live! Ugh, people!!

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