Reading Extravaganza

Just writing a little bit about my reading over the week I had to isolate. I LUCKILY, had at least two hard copy books too read, and then to “help myself”, get through the week, I borrowed a book on my Kobo, lol.

So day zero was Friday the 22nd of July, the day we were officially allowed out was Saturday the 30th of July. Now, I ended up giving myself till the end of Sunday to read as much as I could. Mainly because I then had to stay in on the Saturday anyway, because my partner woke up with a “tickle” in his throat. On Sunday, he decided it was part of the cold weather. But too be safe, we still didn’t go out.

Too quickly check out the week, you can just look at my profile on Goodreads here:

Laurens Profile

Basically, I had a LOT to read.

I managed to finish off two hard copy books, and got at least half way through my book borrowed on the Kobo. I’M FINALLY CATCHING UP!!!


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