Pessimism and Optimism

When I woke up yesterday I saw something that made me feel good. It showed me that despite the right wing media and politicians in the UK. Relatively the same amount of people still support trans people. Which was really lovely to see.

It kind of went downhill from there…For a moment.

The most upsetting thing that I saw, was basically evil towards women, trans and gay people. At the same time though, not surprising. The other thing I saw was that Australia’s former Treasure, now has a big job at Goldman Sachs. Which made me laugh and go “why”. Just because someone worked in an area for a while, doesn’t mean that they’re good at it.

What kept me from completely losing my bottle, was one, that survey from You Gov, UK. What also helped though, was listening to the actual public, rather than the self-congratulating politics.


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