I am a agent of Chaos =D

I would like to introduce myself, I am Captain Chaos. I tell you something, bigots, the right, may be terrible a lot of things, education, thinking, emotions…But they do come up with the coolest nicknames, that always make me go “Thank you =D”.

Why is it, when I tell someone, that someone else’s body and who they “choose” to be, are not their business, it’s not my business, IT’S NOT ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS. They want to be like I’m the one causing problems? lol. If you’re confused by something, fine. But that doesn’t mean everyone else is confused, and being “confused” isn’t an excuse for being an a-hole.

You want to sit there and get yourself involved with other people’s genitals, bodies and their labels. Then when I tell you it’s actually not any of your business. I’m the one causing “unnecessary problems”.

Call me an agent of chaos, all you want, but ma’am. I am Captain Chaos and proud to wear it =D

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