America is totally funked

Oh my gods, I am in total shock. I was horrified enough to hear about the 10 year old, who was raped and had to travel interstate to get an abortion. And the horrifying reaction after that.

The Doctor who performed the abortion was taken to jail, for performing an abortion on a 10 YEAR OLD CHILD, who needed an abortion. Whether you agree or not on abortions, I mean, come on…She’s 10! This is SUPPOSED to be America. I remember seeing some completely and utterly soulless creature write “I’m sure there is some lesson from God, to be learned here, as sad at it is, she cannot have an abortion”. My exact responses was “Maybe the lesson is trying to show you how fucked up you all are”.

LUCIKLY, the court saw sense and let the Doctor go. Thank you Jebus. But then it comes out that the Doctor who RIGHTLY had to help a 10 year old. Her own young daughter is now facing kidnapping threats.

These new “Laws” haven’t even been around for a quarter of a year, and the affects from it. Are already proving to be devastating.

16 thoughts on “America is totally funked

  1. We are in a witch hunting time of insanity over guns, abortion, gay issues, anti-climate change, anti-vaccine… the list gets longer each day. Soon some millions of voters will say stop!

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  2. Well, in German media I read that this is the result of a 20 years’ concentrated, well planned campaign by Leonard Leo, member of Opus Dei, thus in fact the catholic church /Vatican. They built up structures, personal connections, effective fundraising and lobbying during all of these years, pushing the right persons = politicians and judges into the right positions to endorse their agenda, like blocking abortion. Guess, those Americans who want another America than that need to organize and engage in an equally well planned, long campaign…

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