I am must apoligise for being so quiet on here the last couple of days. My partners family have come to visit and they are staying with us. In true “manly man” style, my partner didn’t clean much. Which thoroughly annoyed me. He’s on holidays, I am not, lol. I went straight from work to buy food, came home and nothing had changed from when I cleaned the night before. I didn’t get to bed till midnight, and the cleaning still wasn’t finished this morning.

Then my partner got himself washed and headed out to pick them up, but still hadn’t done anything this morning. He did do a little bit. And he complained the whole time how I don’t keep his house tidier. I looked at him and reminded him, it’s HIS house. I have not fully moved in yet. I told him when I bought it that I didn’t want him to get it, because I just KNEW I was going to be the one cleaning it all the time.

It’s freaking fancy. I am not, lol.

I’m just having a whine really, lol.

I make less then him, so I don’t mind doing more cleaning around the house. It’s just that I don’t live there, so I am not currently there all time, and I don’t get holidays. Which he does not cook dinner either! Even during his holidays.

I have warned him though, when we have children he will help out more.


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