I love Drag Queens!

I admit, that I am a little bias when it comes to Drag Queens, my brother’s one and his work is…

In all seriousness, they are awesome and I can totally understand why kids adore Drag Queens, loud and colourful to the extreme!

I think you all know why I’m writing about this topic. It’s like George Takei said that America is losing it’s grip on reality.

As some as you probably know I love to watch my Crime television, I like to keep myself up with things. Like, as an example, if you are arrested, ask for a Lawyer, full stop.

There has been one “unsolved” case in Australia, that has haunted everyone involved for years. The reason I put “unsolved” in quotation marks is because, they pretty sure they know who did it. They have DNA, they just need to get the DNA from the person. Which, since they passed, they’ve had to ask his sister, who wont give it too them.

I am writing about the murder of Melbourne woman Maria James.

Veteran homicide detective Ron Iddles told the inquest that in his mind, the strongest suspect is the late priest, Father Bongiorno.

The Victorian Coroners Court heard Father Bongiorno had been sexually abusing Maria James’s son Adam, and she’d planned to confront the parish on the day she was murdered. The murder was Mr Iddles’s first homicide case and it is the one that’s gnawed at him since he left the police force in 2014. (I LOVE Ron Iddles).

And let’s not get started with John Wayne Clancy, who worked as a clown.

Look, I get what people thought of children, tipping the Drag Queens. I get it, but I also am like “You’re the one’s sexualising those children. They’re not actually being actually sexualised”. You as an adult, are putting YOUR “stuff” onto a child. As I said to one lady “Well, maybe if Americans were paid better, American workers wouldn’t have to be tipped at all”, haha. I highly doubt that those Drag Queens in America, have a steady pay check.

Kids LOVE Drag Queens, there are bright and colourful, and they…too be honest…are way funnier than women. I hope to see Drag Queens (and Kings) for years too come! They may be some of the bravest people out there.

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