Thursday Theories : Abuse ; The True Hollywood Story

Okay, I think I’ve had enough of trying to convince “grown ups” to stop endorsing abusers, lol. So this is going to be my last post about this for a while. I’m over it, I am sure you are all over it too.

I have seriously gone off of “Hollywood” lately, there are few that I have respect for anymore. The ones that I do talk about what they KNOW. I think that’s a HUGE note to take.

Right, so the reason for this post today. Is that Deppford Wives are under the impression that because Depp “got off”, in America, at least, with what happened with too Heard, that means 1) He’s not abusive and 2) he has never has been. Now when you read my post about Hindsight earlier this week. I point out the flaws, not specifically that individual moment, but generally.

When you actually look back at what Depp has gotten off with. Yeah, he’s an A-Star wanker. But Depp is not alone.

Now I know some things we can only say that they allegedly took place. Like Brad Pitt hitting his child, allegedly happened. I am pretty sure that it did happen, but I don’t think he’s a rotten person because of it. That case is coming up too, and I’ve already seen the media trying portray Brad as the only wounded party.

Remember how they ALL blamed Jolie for what happened between Pitt and Aniston? Instead of Pitt.

Not Cool.

Which brings me to the case of Chris Brown, one of the things that made me lose my mind during the whole Heard v Depp thing, was this. I legitimately saw grown women say “I don’t follow Depp blindly, it’s just that Heard didn’t look as beaten up as Rihanna did, so I don’t believe she got hit”. Which is obviously gross for a lot of different reasons. But what happened to Chris Brown again? Oh, that’s right nothing. When Rihanna forgave CB, everyone was like “we should too”. Here’s the thing, Chris Brown, didn’t stop at Rihanna. He kept harassing and being violent, he’s had at least AVO’s against him SINCE Rihanna. All the while, even before Rihanna forgave him, STILL winning music awards.

Which then leads me to CK Louis who admitted that he had sexually colleagues, what happened too him? He won a Grammy. Top female comedians came out as saying “Yeah, that one hurt”.

Which takes me back to Depp. This week, video came out of his defending Roman Polanski. Roman Polanski couldn’t collect his award that he won after he fled America. Because he is running from the Law, what did he do? He raped a minor.

The only person who has taken any responsibility for his actions, even yes, before he was ultimately punished, has been Will Smith. Throughout Hollywood’s history. Oh, and Harvey Weinstein? He’s kept all his awards.

Kevin Spacey still making films.

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