Yesterday, I decided to take a break, for whatever I wanted too. Which is why I didn’t make comments yesterday, on here.

I did do things like clothes and dish washing, because, well I had too.

Today though is a public holiday (for I believe) most of Australia, We get a public holiday to “celebrate” the Queens birthday. Happy Birthday your majesty. Apart from drinking tea, I’m not really doing anything “British”, not on purpose. It’s just not happening, lol

I was all yesterday “I’m just gonna chill” and do whatever, I just felt like I needed too. You know what though? It was REALLY hard to do, because there are things that I could do, but I just didn’t want to do.

It was really hard to get rid of the guilt that I felt by not doing things I should have done. Now, these things do not need to be completed for a bit. But still, that guilt.


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