So excited…

I am seeing, what I believe to be the very last Jurrasic Park for a really long time, movie. At least for the movies. I have LOVED these movies, since the first one came out.

Even though I do believe Pratt by name, Pratt by nature. I love everything else MORE. I’m not missing out on the last possible Jurassic Park movie ever, cause of one Pratt. I can’t wait to see Sam Neil and Laura Dern, I LOVE Laura Dern!

But you know what I love the most? The Dinosaurs…Oh yeah!

Do you all have a favourite dinosaur? I’m always between T-Rex and Brachiosaurus. I was DEVASTATED in the last Jurassic Park, where they had the Brachiosaurus in a haze of smoke, clearly die. I was DEVASTATED. I was like all “You bastards, you left it behind!”. They’re just big cows really, I can’t even watch that bit, and I know dinosaurs are extinct!

Jurassic Park GIF by Vidiots - Find & Share on GIPHY

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