Genuinely thought…

You all remember how Roe vs Wade has started to be dismantled?

Well, I thought it might make some transphobic people more “awake” about where our countries were going. I was very wrong, in fact, I think they may have doubled down. It’s so weird!

I am genuinely terrified for the way that the UK is going.

Rowlings words was the catalyst to start anti trans Laws/Bills in America. Which then lead to the dismantling of #RoeVWade. She made ONE tweet where she said her “friends” are all pro-choice. They’re not. The “Baroness” tried to pass an anti abortion Law only three years ago! Caroline Farrow is anti-gay and anti-abortion. Rowlings new best “buds” are all homophobic, transphobic, couldn’t care less about women. And they’re defending them all! These men you’re defending, they want that ALL too.

Let alone, I don’t get WHY they all go about how Rowling was abused. She was, but instead of going after her ex-husband, she went after trans people instead.

They don’t even seem to mention it, at all anymore. It doesn’t even seem to be on their radar. What is on their radar, hating trans people. That tweet where she was all “well of course my friends are pro-choice” (they are not) is the ONLY thing she’s said about Roe v Wade.


2 thoughts on “Genuinely thought…

  1. I’m lucky that my original birth certificate and all my official documentation says female. If all of this anti-transgender legislation continues, there is a possibility that transgender people will lose access to hormones. This will lead to a lot of depression, and eventually, suicides. In my case, since I am legally female (and intersex), I’m all but guaranteed to always have access to female hormones, which according to the doctors, is what is necessary to keep me healthy.

    This not just about Roe Vs. Wade, but in essence, a planned and coordinated domino effect of stripping away basic human rights here in the United States.

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