National Sorry Day

What’s the purpose of National Sorry Day?

In addition to acknowledging the trauma and loss that continues to affect Indigenous communities, families and individuals, National Sorry Day also provides a chance to focus on healing and pursue reconciliation in Australian society.

Reconciliation Australia

Because of what’s happened in Texas and this day always brings out the racist “I didn’t do anything to hurt them” Which honestly, most of the time, they have been completely racist to Indigenous Australians. They may have never “harmed” Indigenous people, but they haven’t been kind either.


9 thoughts on “National Sorry Day

  1. I had never heard of this holiday before. Thank you for informing me about it. I hope there would be some reconciliation with the Indigenous/Aborigine community because so many horrible things happened to them. That mindset of “I didn’t do anything” is here in America when it comes to people freaking out about the racist things this country has done and is still doing.

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      1. It’s sad how you have to do that, but good on you for spreading the message. There were times where I had to mention something similar to other Americans. Your comment also reminded me of one part in the Mickey Mouse Monopoly documentary where some Indigenous interviewees talked about how some children didn’t know that Native Americans still existed in present time when talking about Pocahontas and Peter Pan.

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