A little vindication

One of the reasons that I am so annoyed by the Depp vs Heard case, is because I see my Dad so much in Depp. The eternal victim, he has a pure heart, he as never done anything wrong in his entire life. It’s everybody else with the problem, not him. You don’t have to be educated to see what Depp is doing, IF, you’re paying attention.

Anyways, one of the big reasons, I dislike what Depp is doing is because I see SO much of my father in him. Anyways,

After finding out something that happened over night and in the last couple of days. You have people working on the POTC films saying that Heard’s editorial had no impact on Depp’s career. In fact what happened was Heard’s career was affected, more than Depp’s. Depp’s career has been his own undoing. Like even Heard’s supporters are saying “she’s not innocent in this” HOWEVER it’s Depp supporters who are saying that Depp did nothing wrong,

As I have said before, numerous times. Heard admitting to her part, does not mean Depp didn’t do anything.


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