Honestly the election over Australia in the weekend, I woke the day after. Finding out just before midnight, about the results. I didn’t get to bed till about 2 in the morning, happy mind you. But the next/same day (lol) I woke up with SUCH a headache.

I knew perfectly well why. Last time Australia has an election, the guy who should have won, didn’t. So we ended with a Hillsong Christian Extremist, Murdoch play thing for the last four years, instead. Too say that I was nervous about this election was an understatement.

The other time I felt sick this week. I got blocked by an animal account on Insta, but I have no problem with this. I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but more and more people are actually having a go at people who make meme’s out of the Depp vs Heard. I have been one of them. I used to follow this dog account “Holly’s Amazing Journey” and recently Holly’s owner used Holly to make a video having a go at Amber Heard.

I felt SO sick to my stomach. No matter what “team” you’re on, don’t use your pets to make fun of a domestic violence situation. I told them this (and I reported it), and next time I came on, I was blocked. If you want to make fun of Heard or Depp, use yourself.


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