The weirdest

This is going to be a simple and short blog post. I really enjoy the BOM website. What is the BOM website you may ask me, haha. It is this one..

It’s the Australians Bureau of Metrology. I LOVE having it on. Sometimes, at my old work place, especially during Winter. I would have my usual screens up and this one as well. I could see if rain, heavy or light was coming. Its fantastic! I love looking at websites like that. I also really like looking at the traffic website, see where the road blocks are, any crashes.

During Summer, if I smell fire or smoke, I go and look at the Fire Safety Map. I’ve forgotten what they’re called, lol. If there’s a reported fire, they will put it on the map.

I want to know if you have maybe a “different” kind of website you like or love to visit.


3 thoughts on “The weirdest

  1. I look at an earthquake map once or twice a day. I grew up in Southern California USA. Remember being thrown out of bed by one when I was five. Quake center was in town where my father was working on a road trip. All phones out in that area. We saw sign of motel where he was staying on TV. Building was flattened. Bridges were out for miles. He had left 30 minutes before quake. Drove 30 miles or so in open desert before he could get back to highway and find a working phone to call us.

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