Sod Off

I think the last few days have really shown how terrible things are.

Let’s get some things off our chests.

I am having a really good time telling people to sod off. You should all try it.

I personally am over the whole having to be polite to people, lol. Like REALLY over it. We were talking about how actual feminists want body autonomy where as TERFs say they want it, but what they really want is too control, like the patriarchy.

This male decided to butt his nose in and started complaining about how come we don’t fight against male circumcision’s. Then started to whine about how we didn’t protect the people who choose not to get the “experimental vaccines” and were treated like there was something wrong with them.

One, males started male circumcisions, you stop it. People who can get pregnant, are about to lose their rights for their bodies. He seriously wants us to drop that, so we fight against something that the patriarchy started themselves. Sod off. Go do it yourself. Two, people could choose to have the vaccine or not. The vaccine for COVID. You know, that virus that’s STILL going around killing people and leaving people with long term effects.

Abortions and trying to protect yourself from a virus, are two VERY different situations.

Sod Off, Sod Off, Sod Off, haha

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