Thursday Theories – Easter

First thing first, I am not Religious. So call me out if you wish.

However, onto the topic at hand.

Friday is not “Happy Easter Day”, that’s the day that Jesus dies. Do you have any idea how many people say “Happy Easter” on the Friday???!!!

Sunday is the day for “Happy Easter” Hence the eggs. Rebirth, reborn.

That’s it really, lol

I think it’s the biggest thing that a lot of people miss. Honestly the amount of times I’ve seen people say “Happy Easter” on the Friday. That’s why you have hot cross buns on the Friday, it has a little cross on a fruit bun.

Of course there is a lot of debate if Easter was taken from the Celts. Spring is for rebirth, fertility. Everything is taken from something else. So very likely Easter is from a Celt tradition. The funny thing is, in Australia were heading towards Winter, a season of DEATH!lol…But you know, it’s also how you look at “death”, as it can be rebirth in itself. The “death” of a toxic personality, I don’t know what to write about, lol


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