Controversial Opinion!

Do you have an controversial opnion? Well here is one of mine and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Trigger topic/warning: Rape

In the UK since (I think 2003ish?) they created a Law, which meant that women can’t be convicted of rape. Which lacks all common sense, because women rape and in, fact, since 2003, women in the UK, have been charged with it.

Anyway, my topic has nothing to do with that specific Law, rather the notion that that Law, and transphobic people believe, that women can’t rape. Now, my topic is really going to ask, do you consider what I’m about to write, is it rape or not.

I used to have a friend who is obsessed with babies. So much so, she now has (I believe) 6 kids and half of them don’t know who their father.

This is where my controversial opinion comes in.

Her first child knows who his father is. I believe though, she realised she had made a “mistake” by doing this. She even gave her first born the same name as the father’s surname, so the child would have her last name instead. The father’s surname is a first name scenario, so you know like: John or Peter or William.

The next three kids don’t know who their fathers are. Too me, what she did is borderline rape. Because she went into those situations without telling those guys that she was literally doing it to get pregnant. If she had, I doubt any of them would have consented to have sex with her.

She didn’t get their consent and took it away.


7 thoughts on “Controversial Opinion!

  1. Hmmm this is interesting, yes I can see the crazy here but there’s arguably more to this than just classing these acts as ‘rape’. In my mind – I might be wrong here rape is the act of sex without consent of one or the other. Here what’s happened is the men have consented to sex but not so the woman can use their sperm to get pregnant.

    Is that a crime (by law I mean) if so what would it be called?

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      1. Yes I agree, it’s a difficult one. The closest I can come up with is unconsensual use of DNA or biological property.
        But also given that the act of sex is the start act of reproduction is that consent enough? Even if that were true in law it’s like every time one has sex then you need a 10 page agreement. That’s not fun. Which leads us to the notion that sex is only to be carried out within a marriage or meaningful relationship.


  2. The situation you describe is more immoral than illegal or rape. The victims in this scenario are the kids and the unwitting fathers as they are being denied the right to know each other. That she denies that right to them is immoral. Generally speaking this sort of selfish behaviour from a parent eventually backfires as the child looks for answers to questions about these things. Poorly answered but there it is.

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