*rolls eyes* and an apology

I want to first apoligise, lol. My birthday is on the 29th of April. I wrote that post on Friday in a hurry and didn’t think to really reread what I had written. I meant the 1st as in the first day of my birthday month. It’s just a pity that the first day of my birthday month, happens to be on the April the First aka April Fools. I promise I didn’t mean to fool anyone, lol

Aren’t flag shaggers the WORST!

This weekend I finally cracked, do you know the amount of times that I have had “family and friends” tell me that I should be “careful” about what I say about the Royal Family, Government Party. Why? What are you going to do? Kill me that I am pointing out facts?

So I told them, that it is utterly ridiculous to threaten me to not say what the hell I want.

The Tory Party ARE either really super evil genius, or really that dumb.

The Royal Family DO have a pedophile in their family…again.

Harry and Meghan HAVE been treated appallingly bad.

Putin IS on Rowling’s side.



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